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About Me

For a long time I've been told that I should model but I never had the nerve to try it until I was much older. I had "stick" legs, I was super skinny, and I had glasses and braces as a child. I was too shy to even speak out loud in class, let alone model in front of a camera! It took me a long time to learn to love my body with all it's imperfections and gain the confidence to go for things that I dream of, but eventually I did. I did a photo shoot for my birthday a few years ago and enjoyed the process so much that I started modeling soon after that. Modeling means more to me than just looking pretty and taking pictures , but it's a snapshot of who I am. A strong, fearless woman confident in herself and all her imperfections.

After modeling for some time, I naturally gained an interest in photography. I wanted to learn more than just posing, but lighting , editing, and all the ins and outs of photography. My fiance gave me a camera for Christmas about a year ago and I haven't put it down since. I've been teaching myself how to shoot in manual mode as well as edit, and it has been a fun challenge! I'm still a newbie, really a hobbyist, but I love to learn and create every chance I get. Modeling and photography is my gift, but I feel that my purpose is to help others find their true and natural beauty, and I do that through photos.


I currently live in Murfreesboro, TN where I hold a full-time job and model /shoot part-time (on the weekends) but when the right opportunity presents itself, I plan to model full-time. I was recently signed to an agency so I've been working a lot more. I've been modeling for 3 years and behind the lens for a year. I'm open to trying new things and doing more artistic shoots. I want a diverse portfolio with all different genres of photography because I don't want to limit myself or place myself in a box. My measurements are 36 26 36 and I'm 5'7". I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, and my hair is natural (pass shoulder length when straightened). For all model or photography inquires, please see contact page. 














                                                               -LaShunda Rena


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